Just 3 steps to getting an EPC

Here’s what’s involved

✅ Complete the quote form on this page.

✅ Receive a quotation by phone or email.

Replies are not automated. Your reply will come from a surveyor personally, who will assess each application based on knowledge, not a computer algorithm.

✅ Confirm you wish to proceed.

✅ Complete a pre-inspection questionnaire (optional).

✅ The surveyor will contact you to arrange the survey.

The pre-inspection questionnaires are optional. However, The basic questionnaire should take no more than a couple of minutes to complete. It will ensure the surveyor understands any access restrictions and has some basic information about your property.

A detailed pre-inspection questionnaire is also available for more complicated buildings, which provides an opportunity to provide the surveyor with building management documents and information, which will help produce the best EPC rating.

✅ The site survey will take place.

✅ The surveyor will calculate an EPC rating.

✅ You will receive a draft EPC Rating.

✅ You choose whether the EPC is registered or not.

Once the EPC rating has been calculated, you will initially receive the result in draft. This usually only takes a few days. In some instances, this may take longer for complex buildings or where additional research is required.

We aim to provide the best service for our clients. All EPCs are not the same. The EPC rating is based on what the surveyor observes during the survey and any additional information they discover through research. We are efficient, but we do not rush, and we certainly don’t make promises we may not be able to keep about how quickly we can provide an EPC.

Not everyone wants the EPC registered, this can be for a number of differing reasons. All our clients are provided with details of the EPC rating before it is registered. Registration will take place when you confirm you wish to proceed.